Warrant Control

The Security Officer (S/O) is in charge of the handling and safe keeping of all prisoners who are in custody of the Erie Police Department. All prisoners are placed in an individual cell, which are monitored at all times by video surveillance. Periodically the Security Officer does checks of all prisoners.

The Security Officer also arranges for all prisoner transport, fingerprinting, and arraignment while they are in police custody. The S/O also “books in” all prisoners. This is the process of collecting demographic information about the prisoner, inventorying personal property and listing the charges alleged against them.

The S/O is also responsible for securing the Erie Police Department and City Hall. The S/O performs rounds throughout their shift to ensure that the building is secure.

For questions or concerns regarding the Security Officer contact:

William Goozdich
Corporal - Warrant Officer
(814) 870-1129
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