Hostage Negotiation Team

The Erie Police Hostage Negotiation Team (HNT) was created in 1994. Training was conducted by the FBI with several students attending. Out of that training an informal group was started.

In 1997 the current team was formed under a more specific structure. Nine members were chosen to be on the team and a commander was selected. The commander then appointed team leaders. The original complement was nine including the commander, two team leaders, and the team members.

The team usually only responds with SWAT, but is occasionally utilized in more complex cases, such as a potential jumper or suicidal person.
Training consists of large- scale scenarios with SWAT and other elements of the Special Operations Group. These training scenarios could include active shooter, school shootings, hostage situations, etc.

HNT is also a charter member of the Western Pennsylvania Negotiators Association which consists of Negotiator Teams throughout Western Pa. The WPNA provides training assistance as well as quarterly meetings where actual calls are broken down and discussed. Members do not serve on a full-time basis. All members have other responsibilities within the department and respond on a 24- hour basis when needed.

For more information regarding the Hostage Negotiation Team contact:

Jason Luschini
Sergeant - Technology Coordinator

(814) 870-1502

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