Accident Investigation

Accident Investigation

The Accident Investigation Unit conducts follow up investigations on traffic crashes that happen within the City of Erie.

If you are involved in an accident, and there is no injury or no vehicles need to be towed, left the scene or a victim of a hit and run with no hitting vehicle information and need to file a report for insurance purposes, complete the following report and return it to the Erie Police Department where an incident number will be issued to you.

It is also a recommended that you print a copy of this form and keep in your vehicle.

Citizens Crash Receipt

For more information on the Traffic Investigation Unit contact

Sgt. Thomas Dunmire (814) 870-1171 tdunmire@erie.pa.us

Traffic Support

For more information regarding booted vehicles contact

Lt. William Vicos,  (814) 870-1189 wvicos@erie.pa.us