Identification Unit

The Identification Unit is responsible for collecting and analyzing evidence at a crime scene or that an officer tags as evidence. They also submit this evidence for chemical analysis when needed.

The Identification Unit is also responsible for taking photographs and fingerprints, commonly referred to as mugging and printing, of people charged with certain criminal offenses. These photographs and fingerprints are entered into a database that law enforcement uses throughout the United States.

Residents who have a fingerprint order from a Judge can contact the Erie Police Department for an appointment: Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 3:30 pm.

(814) 870-1140

For more information regarding the Identification Unit contact:

Identification Unit Main Number

(814) 870-1140

Please call this number to schedule all appointments.  

Ken Kensill
Lieutenant - Identification Unit

(814) 870-1114

Mark Sennett
Detective Sergeant - Identification Unit

(814) 870-1145

Nick Stadler
Detective Sergeant - Identification Unit

(814) 870-1143

Gould Michael
Detective - Identification Unit

(814) 870-1146

Szoszorek Christopher
Detective - Identification Unit

(814) 870-1141

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