Motorcycle Division

The Erie Police Motorcycle Unit was started in 1910, one of the first in the Country and has always ridden Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The size of the unit varies from time to time with retirements and promotions, but usually consists of 8 officers,


The duties of the Motorcycle Unit are numerous and ever changing. Duties include traffic enforcement, escorts of oversize loads, accident scene traffic control, dignitary motorcades, abandoned vehicles, parades, school zone enforcement, special events, any vehicle complaints from citizens, speed enforcement and general patrol duties as needed.


Members of the Motorcycle Unit are selected through an interview process after an officer has 30 months of service with the Erie Police Department. After selection officers are given 160 hours of initial police motorcycle training and are on a six-month probation period. The Erie Police Department has two instructors certified through Texas A&M Engineering (TEEX) and Harley-Davidson.


The Unit works a 4 days on and 2 days off work schedule with shifts running 0730-1600 and 1200-2030. During the winter months, November to April, officers revert back to patrol cars to handle mainly accidents but do handle all other calls as necessary.


For questions or concerns regarding the Motorcycle Unit contact:

Scott Kornetz
Sergeant - Motorcycle Unit

(814) 870-1107

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