The Major Crime Unit consists of one Lieutenant, three Detective Sergeants and seven Detectives.  They investigate crimes against persons such as: Homicides, Assaults, Robberies, Shots Fired, Home Invasions, Missing Person, Kidnappings, Intimidation of Witnesses, Child Pornography, Harassments, Bomb Threats, Bank Robberies, Overdoses and Unattended Deaths.  One Detective Sergeant and Detective have a satellite office at the Children’s Advocacy Center and investigate sexual assaults and crimes against children.  One Detective Sergeant works as the Criminal Intelligence Officer.   

Lt. Jon Peters, (814) 870-1159, jpeters@erie.pa.us

Det. Sgt. Christopher Janus, (814) 870-1151, cjanus@erie.pa.us

Det. Sgt. Michael Hertel, (814) 870-1260, mhertel@erie.pa.us

Det. Sgt. John Holmes, (814) 870-1503, jholmes@erie.pa.us

Det. Sgt.Craig Stoker, (814) 870-1506, cstoker@erie.pa.us

Det. Sgt. Sean Bogart, (814) 870-1191, sbogart@erie.pa.us

Det. Ron Pilarski, (814) 870-1229, rpilarski@erie.pa.us

Det. Matthew Berarducci, (814) 870-1221, mberarducci@erie.pa.us

Det. Pat Ginkel, (814) 870-1161, pginkel@erie.pa.us

Children’s Advocacy Center Detectives

Det. Sgt. Jim Spagel, (814) 870-1154, espagel@erie.pa.us

Det. Denis Oborski, (814) 870-1502, doborski@erie.pa.us

Both Detectives also have a satellite office at the

Children’s Advocacy Center

(814) 451-0202 

Criminal Intelligence

Det. Sgt. Pete Mitchell, (814) 870-1196, pmitchell@erie.pa.us