Officer Field Training

The Erie Police Department strives to provide all officers with the best training possible. When an officer is hired by the Erie Police Dept. they complete a thorough training program consisting of three phases, each lasting three weeks long, and concluded with two 2-week evaluations by three supervisors.

The field-training program is responsible for ensuring that personnel adhere to procedures within program guidelines and monitors the training and evaluation activities on a daily basis. The Field Training Supervisor maintains complete and accurate records of the Probationary Police Officer’s (PPO) assignments. The Field Training Officer (FTO) will read, review and sign all training and evaluation reports submitted on a daily basis and forward them to Sgt. Glenn Rogers, the Director of Field Training. The Director will also conduct weekly trainings and schedule evaluation conferences.

There are three phases to the Field Training Program. Phase 1 consists of teaching new officers proper procedure with how to dress, radio transmissions and basic handling of calls for service. Phase 2 the officer becomes more independent with the supervisor assisting as needed. By Phase 3, the officer should have a good understanding of how to complete and handle calls for service and a good understanding of the Erie Police Department’s Policy and Procedures. When all three phases are complete, the officer is evaluated by three supervisors to ensure that the officer has learned the basic concept of police work and that they can handle the pressures of police work. After the training phases are complete, the officer still remains on a probationary period until their one-year of service is completed.


It is the responsibility of the Field Training Supervisor to supervise the daily operation of the Field Training Program. He will identify problems and offer alternate solutions. The Field Training Supervisor is responsible for scheduling all Field Training and ensuring that the FTO’s adhere to the mandated guidelines for training a PPO.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the Field Training Program contact:

Geoffrey Filutze
Sergeant - Field Training Coordinator

(814) 870-1116

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