Office of Animal Enforcement

The office of Animal Enforcement consists of numerous duties conducted by one Animal Enforcement Officer (AEO). Duties include making sure all ordinances are followed under the dog laws, handling of all complaints consisting from barking dogs, dogs running at large, and dogs defecating on others property. Farm animals are also investigated by the AEO. All farm animals are prohibited within the City of Erie. A five-day warning is sent to remove the animals or the owner will be cited.

The Animal Enforcement Officer also investigates all dog bites. If the dog has an owner, then they are responsible to quarantine the dog for ten days, if he/ she is not competent to do so, the AEO will take the dog to the animal shelter and quarantine the dog for the ten days.  There is a fee of $250 dollars for the boarding costs which must be paid in full at the beginning of the quarantine period by the dog owner.  The AEO will also quarantine a dog if the dog has no owner and in that ten days try to locate an owner. Pet Owners can be cited for disturbing the peace, letting their dogs/cats run at large and defecating on others property.

In the spring and summer, the AEO can pick up many as 60 dogs a day. The AEO also patrols the entire city for strays at large and any other violations. The AEO speaks to neighborhood watch groups and schools to help educate people on the numerous aspects of his job and what to do if approached by an animal.

The AEO will assist other agencies when needed, if it involves an animal situation.
He is on call 24/7 but only called in for serious calls, such as a highly aggressive dog or if someone was attacked and the dog needs to be confined and transported.

All stray animals go to:
The ANNA Shelter
1555 East 10th St.
Erie, PA 16511
(814) 451-0230

ANNA Shelter Public Hours are: Monday Noon-7pm; Tuesday-Friday Noon-5pm and Saturday Noon-4pm.

Stray animal return to owner pick up is anytime from 8am-8pm 365 days a year.

For after hours pick up assistance call the ANNA Shelter at 814-451-0230.

The AEO does not handle wildlife.

If you need assistant with wildlife contact The Game Commission (814) 432-3187.

Any cruelty to animals calls please call The ANNA Shelter Cruelty Officer at 814-572-5913 or shelter at 814-451-0230 or The Humane Society of NWPA at (814) 835-8360.

For questions or concerns regarding Animal Enforcement contact:

Gary Rictor
Animal Enforcement Officer
(814) 870-1136


If you have a stray for pickup, barking dog complaints or want to report a dog at large please call the Erie Police non- emergency number (814) 870-1125.

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