Intelligence Officer

The Intelligence Officer is responsible for the collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence information concerning criminal activities within the City of Erie. These activities include but are not limited to gang activity, drug activity, graffiti, and other specific criminal activity that may effect the citizens of Erie. The Intelligence Officer also maintains information directly related to officer safety issues.
In the performance of his duties the intelligence office completes many different tasks. Some of these are listed below:

  1. Prepares crime reports and maps for Officers and Investigators on specified crimes and in given areas within the City Of Erie.
  2. Prepares crime reports and maps for requesting investigators and officers from outside police agencies such as the District Attorney’s office (Weed and Seed), Erie School District, local Colleges and Universities, realtors, local media, and others on request.
  3. Maintains a drug offender database.
  4. Monitors City of Erie gang activity and related graffiti.
  5. Maintains a database of “PA MEGAN LAW” offenders residing in Erie and conducts follow up investigations on those offenders not in compliance with current laws.
  6. Monitors and maintains end user functionality for outside law enforcement criminal intelligence databases.
  7. Coordinates with City of Erie Computer services for Police personnel users accounts and police Records Management Systems functionality.
  8. Participates in the Nuisance Bar task force with members of the LCE as directed.
  9. Participates in the Citizen’s Police Academy with Gang Awareness training.
  10. Conducts background investigations for Police and City Hall employees and others as required.
  11. Conducts citizen’s complaint investigations and special investigations as directed by the Office of Professional Standards.

The Intelligence Officer’s main concern is the safety of City Of Erie citizens and
the Police Officers who work for those citizens. Reliable and timely information is
one of the keys that make this possible.

For more information regarding the Criminal Intelligence and Analysis office contact:

Nicholas Strauch
Criminal Intelligence Officer

(814) 870-1196

Click here for more information regarding Pennsylvania’s Megan’s Law
Megan’s Law Website, PA State Police

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